Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working Girls' Union Local #69

Time for another meeting of the WGU! The first one was a great chance to meet Vixyn Felisimo, whose site, VelvetVixyn, is my new homepage. Ladies out there should be reading this instead of Cosmo (sorry, Cosmo).

Wednesday 28th May @ 9 pm SLT

This will be a relaxed round-table discussion for Second Life sex professionals⎯escorts, dancers, madams, and club owners, whether you're new to the game or an old hand⎯to share your experiences, vent your frustrations, ask some questions and answer those of others.

Sex in SL provides its own set of rules, written and unwritten. There are defined borders and of course large swaths of grey areas, relatively 'normal' clients and those that test or redefine your perceptions entirely, novice mistakes and a seasoned pro's reevaluations. This talk is sure to provide valuable insight to the nature of the profession, the nature of sex in the digital medium, and hopefully be a great resource for beginners and those more experienced alike, allowing us to expand and hone our craft in an open forum.

Note that despite the name, this event is open to sex workers of all genders & species; however, you must be a sex worker as outlined above. As always, seating will be limited so IM me your request to attend; the parcel will be closed during the duration of the talk. Also, this is a text-talk; I don't have voice capability, but others are free to use it.

All the best,
~Shrutiyan Anatra

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