Friday, May 2, 2008

Trois Cloches

A bit a year over the woman whose picture is here hung herself. No Canto will call her a hero. She was a professor in Maryland. She was also convicted of being an real life escort, working for a service whose clients included many of the most important men in Washington. Including rabidly anti-woman Senator Vitter, who believes that if he knocks a prostitute up, she should have to carry the child to term. Must be part of what he paid for in his mind. Maybe he can even get that put into some Federal Regulations promulgated by the Department of Theocracy. Bitter? No. Vitter.

By all accounts she was bright and engaging. I don't know why she did what she did, unless it is for the adrenaline. Which is a powerful drug.

Her former Madame Followed her into death by suicide. She was convicted. Vitter confessed, and won't even get a slap on the shaft with a wet noodle for it.

The suicides are understandable, given what happens in jails where sheriffs use inmates as slaves.

Now a couple of teenage boys playing risk will slaughter in a virtual sense more men than Napoleon. It's one thing to talk about fantasy and another about reality. Yes, the people who do terrible things in reality must fantasize, but they must also take actions which are, shall we say, concrete?

I say this because of the two cases from a province of Austria, where two men, separately, locked women in bunkers and used them as, ahem rape slaves, note, not sex slaves. The women in question were not enslaved by desire for sex, but through torment and rape. Next reporter I read who says sex slave gets it, and I don't mean "it" or "getting it" in a good way.

One reason, I came here was to study the violent underpinnings of our society, and the emergence of an aesthetic of the capital of the future. I've gotten lessons in both, because the only other place to study this is in the darker corners, from which light does not often escape.

What this should tell us is that women are the targets of a growing wave of anger and hostility in the real world, that elite men are mostly forgiven their indiscretions, while the women are held as pariahs.

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  1. Elites are mostly forgiven their sins, no matter whether they are male or female. It is however, true that there seems to be a rising tide of misogyny, and I am at a loss to explain it.