Monday, May 5, 2008

Traffic Futures Comments

The business owners at the LL traffic futures meeting were saying things that should disturb every resident. They want to know who you are. The RL you, that is, and they want to count you, the rl you, that is. They want to be able to find out your age and other personal details, just for visiting their parcel. Many of the suggestions are unenforceable. A bot can be programmed to do just enough to meet almost any metric provided. Need movement? They can rotate on an orbit, camp here, camp there, camp the next place, back to the first place.

Traffic is a poor measure of usefulness of a site, simply because it doesn't measure anything at this point, but in the name of better metrics many business owners want to violate your privacy, and get information which you never agreed to reveal. With the granularity possible in parcels, it would be possible, with the data being asked for, to find out who you are, and who your alts are, and enough personal data to make at least a good stab at finding out where you are.

This is dangerous, and yet it is being pushed for almost without opposition.


  1. Well, go here:

    and weep. It's an old thing they call for and when Sitearm tried to pitch that ridiculous idea to me (since she thought I was in "business" and interested in "metrics" - ewww) made me instantly wish that this jira-stuff had a "vote against" button.

    Luckily enough I guess the lindens wouldn't be too happy to share that data if only for the processing amount to get that together.

  2. thanks for the tip barney!

    Can we get a fix for the home and log in limit on 768?