Saturday, May 24, 2008

In The Belly of the Beast

Using a wasteful 4 prims, and being oh so correct the real world, following the most painfully physically grounded principles of rl architecture, I offer the following piece for you consideration: In the Belly of the Beast.

You can't really apprecaite this from a still picture or machanima, you need to see it. Draw distance to 512M will work.

From a distance: here.

And from inside.

This work is representative of the disasters from sea and wind to hit New Orleans, Bangladesh, and Burma. Tens of thousands have perished from shoddy construction, greed and the manipulation of juntas to turn disaster into politically convenient genocide and ethnic cleansing.

So forgive me fo not blogging very much, but I've been working on projects like this.

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  1. Remember the pointy, terrifying and monstrous beast Dan Simmons created for his Hyperion Cantos? Standing in and over and under the belly of this beast .... I remembered. Brava! Lillie!