Monday, May 5, 2008

A year and a day

April I came,
without a face, and barely a name.
May I whored,
wishing some how to be adored.
June I learned,
what fires inside men burned.
July I foresaw,
while others, gaped and looked in awe.
August I could tell
as the the falling of the old SL.
September I vox
their little world to stiffen to rox.
October I made,
and then watched those dreams creep and fade.
November I cried,
and nearly slipped away and died.
December the ashes shook beneath me,
and I fled,
while others' fortunes twisted and bled.
January then begun,
I tried to build another one.
February I saw my mother earth,
the place that gave my parents birth.
March I was split by other's passion,
and gave my body to them in our virtual fashion.
April then returned again,
and found me losing my hope and friends.
Now it is sometime May,
so let me work, I have bills to pay.
Is there for me another year?
The coming weeks will tell, I fear.
So I hold my ear to time's breath
finding if there are a few moments left.