Monday, May 5, 2008


A is for Avatar,
this is who you are.
B is for Banana,
wear it and you won't get very far.
C is for Crash,
you'll have a lot of those.
It's also for the Campers,
lined up in little rows.
D is for Denial,
escape your real world pain.
And for the Dowloading,
which will drive you insane.
E is for electronic
archaic with a dash.
F is for Freeze
the cousin to the Crash.
G is for G string,
that shows off pixel skin.
H is for Heaven and Hell
and other dens of sin.
I is for identity,
which varies with your alts.
it's also for Inventory,
where you store up all your faults.
J is for Jury-rigged client code,
and an interface that's teal.
K is for the Kisses,
that you hope to steal.
L is for Lindens,
that money you can buy.
It's also for the lag,
so bad you want to die.
M is for Map,
to walk, or jump or fly.
N is for Newbie,
the one who should be banned.
O is for Obnoxious,
he has a cock in hand.
P for for Parcel,
that's your imaginary land.
Q is for Queer,
which means every one whose here.
R is for Roleplay,
what you wish to do.
S is for sex,
and who you do it to.
T is for Teleport,
to go from here to there.
U is for UV Map
which makes up what you wear.
V is for Virtual
which is where we live.
W is for well, something,
I only wish I knew w-hat.
X is for coordinates,
that go from east to west.
Y is for is for the others,
North and south no less.
Z is for nothing,
I am at the end,
for all these words are useless,
if you do not have a friend.

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