Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some simple observations

Cyber is a specific taste, and it is my belief that the days of cyber escorts are dwindling, because soon cyber sex will not be worth charging for. Instead, bots will do most of the cybersex chores, and in return they will pelt the men who are with them advertising for more valuable services, particularly voice and cam, and will boot out men who put the bot on mute or don't respond.

Most demand for free slut holes is, after all, demand for bad sex with a brainless bimbo. Something that a bot can do much better than a person. The adolescent male, or neo-adolescent male gets to watch pixel pumping, and the bot engages in porn pimping,and real people don't have to deal with it. Everyone is happier. People have shown a great willingness to take bad content in return for being ad bombed.

That cyber was doomed was obvious a year ago, it just isn't good enough a product to charge for for long. Most men who are cybering are looking for meatmeet, and most women who are cybering for money are not. Basic conflict: the guy wants a supply of free rl sex, because he's already paying for his wife who isn't having sex with him, so he isn't going to pay for long. In fact, he would rather not pay even what he would pay for a cup of coffee at McDonald's in order to get a cyber slave. Let's just say that lots of men have a warped sense of value.

Another simple observation is that what SL calls an orgy room isn't. In a real orgy room, heterosexual males have to bring a female, or they aren' allowed in. What SL has are cock dumps. Getting rid of traffic will make running a cock dump much less attractive, since the men who frequent them are really big on not spending any money for anything. Even their cock.

Which leads me to my last observation. Why is it that men who want me to worship their cock instantly don't spend even 1L on it? I mean, how am I supposed to love his cock, when he doesn't think about it all?

I know I've said most of these things before. But, as of this morning, they are all still true: freebie cocks think that the price of an rl attractive woman into being their total anal slave is saying "wanna cyber in my private room? Do you have MSN?"

Where do they think they will find such a person?


  1. Lillie,

    Ever heard about the Turing test?

    "A human judge engages in a natural language conversation with one human and one machine, each of which try to appear human; if the judge cannot reliably tell which is which, then the machine is said to pass the test."

    Just a thought: The cyber-bot controller would be a nice environment for making a program able to pass the Turing test:-)


  2. How about good sex from a brainless bimbo? :)

  3. I put it this way, if you want good sex in sl, you'd better be able to pass and administer the turing test first...