Wednesday, June 20, 2007

57 Miles to Graceland

If you get a hair demo at many places, a giant rotating sign appears over your head saying "Demo." Many people in second life have a giant "Don't get it" sign rotating over their heads, and yet, the world beats a path to their doorstep.

However, this does not apply to 57 Miles, who gets it, and wants other people to get it too. If he did nothing other than run the fabulous "Things to Do" group, which has hit critical mass of interesting people, places and activities, he'd be a big plus to the Second Life Community. But that's just a pinprick in the extremely valuable news source which is Meta versed. Today's sample, on a key sim sale, reports on real skills in virtual world, is a torrent of content from a host of authors, with 57 Miles' rl Nick Wilson being the driving force.

In a fragmented world, oen with broken search, hard to find truth, and information that is often kept hidden under glass, 57 Miles is a community builder, author, reporter and "key node." He's doing something different at Metaversed, and giving back to the SL community by running "Things to Do." He's also a tireless advocate for getting people skills recognized as key to the Second Life entry experience.

When you buy that hair, it doesn't have a bit "Get It!" sign over your head. And maybe that's too bad. 57 Miles isn't loud in person, but instead fastidiously dressed, understatedly handsome and moving to where every he is needed to smooth the way for people. SL would work better if more people were like 57 Miles.

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