Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happenings and a sketched thought

Sometimes a post or event is like a single curve drawn on a fresh sheet of drawing paper, it is powerfully evocative, but it is not yet, anything.

The eno painting is one. "Long Now" is everything wrong with the old world in my mind. I could not have said it better had I tried. Nowness is pastness.

Also a reminder Free prim shoes and free wedding dresses are now in the Yedo bargain basement, that is the freebies area. The dresses are the usual set of five, with full permissions. The shoes are clearly Natalia's design. I've made it so that my socks don't show through the soles, and the top fits, as well as turning the straps from 3 to 2, and making them gold. The bling also responds on channel 88, and has an "aura" effect. Also full perms.

So in the bargain basement is now possible to get "hot, fast and cheap" in one stop, plus going to Bare Rose Tokyo for their 1L AO. Judy's group is the best fashion bargain in sl, and with the AO, a must stop for everyone old or new building a good avatar on low Linden.

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