Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tennis Anyone?

IBM's Wimbeldon build is clean and pretty, their tennis game is far to processor heavy for me to play, but it looks like it is a great deal of fun. I believe that sports will replace sex as the leading industry on SL over the next two years, because the sex market is saturated, and as the outside pornography industry comes in, it will, eventually, obliterate all but the top end of the sex trade in SL.

The tennis court that IBM has built looks like a step in that direction, if I could play it, I probably would spend hours getting good at it. But it is still too much load on the processor and connection. This means, of course, that such games are really only a year or so away from sl.

So here I am in my tennis outfit, the dress is going to be a freebie at the Yedo gift shop. The racket will be free to Yedo VIP Gold and Platinum members as this month's free gift, or 150L in the Yedo shop in the mall area.


  1. Can you please tell me where exact the place in sl is and where i can buy these clothes and equipment ? (i couldnt find it in search)