Monday, June 11, 2007

You are who you are

My first spat over this blog was with SL and virtual reality personality Proky Neva, who casually accused me in an email of wanting to engage in Age Play. Bad Girls, whose ownership and members of its managment, have made personal attacks into IM and in public a favorite hobby, have convinced me that anonymous comments are not safe in my line of work. So, sadly you have to have a blogger account going forward. Which means little of course, but it is at least something. I'm also going to moderate comments going forth, since continuous accusations that I am part of a "smear campaign" and so on are well outside of the boundaries of good taste.

As for the rest, it means little right now, but all runs come to an end. Search is getting harder to use by the day, and will, at some point, not be useful at all. That will leave Bad Girls, increasingly, with a huge flow of traffic, and no way to leverage it. And as they've made clear, the put the sex out there as a loss leader, which many of us do so there is nothing wrong in that, so the traffic, by itself, is not going to keep them in good shape.

So go back to your little conspiracy theories, dears, if that is what gets you hard, so be it. But paranoid rants aren't my fetish.

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