Sunday, June 10, 2007

Club Article Revisited:

I wrote the article on the big three clubs, and naturally the reaction is different, and in fact, I've heard from two of the club owners. It has been up for sometime, and where I could find a manager, I sent a link as I posted it. So this is boiling over now not because people didn't know, but because it has been noticed.

I respect all three of the major clubs. They do well what dozens of other people want to do. The bottom line is commerce, and Elements, Bad Girls and Arsheba are the clubs that others emulate.

Bad Girls was, as you would expect, arrogant, vain, vicious, insulting, high handed and worth quoting:

[4:12] Jesse Murdock: you should be ashamed of yourself and your unfair and slanderous words, you are lying about damn good people in an unethical and unprofessional way , you have no journalistic integrity and honestly the disgusting abuse of your reader's trust in you to provide factual data that actually has reference to back it up is the saddest thing I have ever seen. You are100 PERCENT WRONG about EVERYTHING you so casually SPOUTED as if you actually had a CLUE about ANYTHING you wrote. I am so sickened by the evil and cruel things you have said about the good and honest people that give so much of their energy and time just trying to provide some decent enttertainmenrt for the residents of SL. You should be ASHAMED. MONEY? you actually think this place MAKES MONEY ??? ROFLMAO!!! You might be interested to know that my escorts made me a total of 748 Linden dollars this last week for my 20 percent cut. shakes head* here have a listen to some facts....
[5:34] Jesse Murdock: your silence speaks volumes of your lack of honor and integrity, may karma have mercy on your soul
[6:06] Jesse Murdock: "bad girls is about the money", the basisi for your story... is the most untrue, and inhuman insult to me and what i have given to provide the entertainment that so many enjoy, I spend THOUSANDS of US dollars on it, never worry for profit, not even a facet of my establishment or policy, hardware shortcomings, SL shortcomings and other variables out of my control, are not fair aspects to judge Bad Girls on, you didnt even take part in the socialization , you said yourself you stood there and wrote your piece then left. You have no idea the good and positive influence that it has had on countless people's real lives, you have no idea how malicious and undeserved your lies are, I have always been a person to be able to allow others their opinions , and to each their own, but you seek to publicize your ignorant and uneducated negativity on your readers and have no regard for who you hurt in the process, slandering me is not going to gain you more clients, nor is it going to make people stop goingto the club
[6:06] Jesse Murdock: all you have done is hurt me and other good people deeply with your cruel and unfactual words
[6:08] Jesse Murdock: is it for business? you think you can improve yours by hurting me?
[6:08] Jesse Murdock: is it for revenge? were you kicked because tyou are an escort and they are not allowed
[6:08] Jesse Murdock: ?
[6:10] Jesse Murdock: what is it that has you so hatefully blabbering utter bs that you didnteven bother attempting to back up with one single fact
[6:10] Jesse Murdock: I actually find myself pitying you
[6:10] Jesse Murdock: your world must be very very miserable
[6:11] Jesse Murdock: said my peace, good day

What you aren't the number one club? You don't do well? Are you boasting about losing money? If you have traffic of 100K, as Bad Girls does, and you aren't making money on the shops, we all know that sex is the loss leader here, then there is something very wrong with your back end. If you have 100K traffic and you are not getting donations from happy club goers, what does that say about you? Or are those the quiet facts you don't want to talk about Jesse - that the club cut of escorting, note he didn't say dancing - isn't how any one makes their money? Or perhaps your escorts aren't being honest, I've paid more in club tips in a single day at much smaller places.

This is how people are. I cannot say something good about them, I must be a whore. Bad Girls is the club every club owner dreams of being. Bad Girls is also unduplicable, a unique club which uses the flaws and problems of SL to its advantage. It is also one of the most covetted jobs in sl, precisely because, as a machine, it runs well. This is the number one sex club on a service which is devoted to sex.

But people don't get angry with me for being a whore, oh no. They get angry with me when I an not a whore. Telling the truth about Bad Girls, a truth made manifest by the torrent of personal abuse from their owner, has made them very angry. It isn't enough for me to say that Bad Girls is an unduplicable club that uses SL to its advantage. No, because I wasn't on my knees, I am some how a defective person. They don't think much more of you, the club goer, either, you are just another grey blob oozing through their space.

What it doesn't do is make me angry, why should it? Clearly Jesse gets off on abusing people, and has built a club where thousands of people line up to be treated to an abusive environment where they have to check their AO's at the door.

Thus Bad Girls is a successful place. It is also a nasty place run by nasty people. It has to be a nasty place run by nasty people. It is amazingly good at it. It is designed to be easy to run, and as a result they warn people over and over again that you will be booted for even annoying them. This affliction of treating people like cattle spreads all the way down to their lowest assistant manager.

For example, what I wrote isn't slander, slander is verbal. Libel is the correct word. And for it to be libel, I would have had to either knowingly lie, or be so recklessly blind to the truth as to make any reasonable individual think so. I submit that this vicous stream of arrogant invective proves each and everyone of my accusations about Bad Girls.

However, the stream of invective that comes from it, the accusations, the lies, are also part of it. I've never applied for a job at Bad Girls. I never would. I never will. But Jesse can't understand why the whole universe doesn't want to suck metaphorical cock. And this is spiritual, you don't have to be male to have a spiritual cock, and a case of spiritual cock worship to go with it. That's precisely how I was treated, like a gutter slut who wouldn't be owned.

Bad Girls is successful sadism, and as a mistress, I respect that.


You can tell control freaks because they can't let things alone. After Jesse's tirade I did the sensible thing and put him on mute. I told him to email if he wanted anything. Instead he sent Alex Lollipop to talk to me. Initially I was confused and thought Alex was from Elements, I'd been told to expect an IM from them, and the conversation proceded in one direction until Alex said "I'm from Bad Girls". It was a more polite version of Jesse's tirade.

But what I learned on sl is that people need to tell themselves stories. I did about my desires once, and most people haven't had the lesson in self-discovery that Second Life has given me. Bad Girls doesn't want me to say they are an escort club, they say, and I am paraphrasing the party line from Bad Girls here: "we don't keep any of their money! the strippers can't escort! We have fired two!"

Dears, you, and no one else, put "escorts" in the keywords. Your very title is "fetish club." Please don't lie to me and everyone else when a club that has latex events prominently pictured, fetish in the name and "Welcome to Bad Girls" as its running sound track isn't selling sex. That's our industry. How you, and here is a word I only just learned so I am in love with it still, "monetize" that is another story. The 20% club tip from escorting and dancing is only enough to keep a club a float if it is small and has a big patron. Many boutique clubs do this, but an operation like Bad Girls, could never do it.

Instead, what clubs do is they sell retail space, advertising and everything else that goes with high traffic, and traffic of a particular kind. That's commerce, that's the way it is. Thus their run around fine line distinctions about escorts and dancers "our dancers aren't allowed to escort!" is meaningless. What the people who run Bad Girls, and their clientele, don't want to admit is that this is about sex. Sex. Sex. Just innocent naughty fun. Yes dears, if you say so. And this is part of their formula, and again why Bad Girls is an island to itself.

And while talking to me Alex denied he wanted anything from me. Sure, just IM'ed me out of the blue because you wanted to chat. Then, like any individual with a god complex, claimed to be in sole possession of the truth. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. We all know what your club is about, and while you may need to play games with the public, doing so with others in the business is not going to work. We know better. In fact, half the club owners on SL would chew off an extremity to find out how Bad Girls does it.

The fact is that Bad Girls, if they didn't want to show up on a search for escorts could fix that now. They aren't going to. If they didn't want to sell overt sex, they don't have to. But they do, and the little dances they do to pretend they don't are part of their formula. They have to do them, because of what they are selling.

But that doesn't mean they are pleasant people to deal with.

Oh yes and now this one:

[11:14] Tim Gagliano: This Blog is nothing more then a poor thought out OP-Ed piece without merit. I would like to know how much time the author of this slanderous artical actually spent in Bad Girls, let alone the others mentioned. If the author would have any journalistic integrity, he/she would have interviewed the owners of the clubs listed. But no, the other chose to base this article on lies and opinion with little time spent in the club and no interaction with staff other then to break policy that would have them kick/banned in any other establishment in Second Life. I do wish that the author will rethink their opinion here and retract the filth that is in this article.
[11:14] Tim Gagliano: --Tim Gagliano Assistant GM of Sexytalk Radio...Bad Girls Dance and Fetish Club.


  1. _______________SNiP_____________
    Thus Bad Girls is a successful place. It is also a nasty place run by nasty people. It has to be a nasty place run by nasty people. It is amazingly good at it. It is designed to be easy to run, and as a result they warn people over and over again that you will be booted for even annoying them. This affliction of treating people like cattle spreads all the way down to their lowest assistant manager.

    Oh now that could only be a comment form a working girl. Except ... I have this gut radar, and since we ARE in the 21st century I'll call it 'male intuituon'. Those who know me well know I'm never wrong... Oh well, enough suspence for a 3rd class sideshow ...
    Working girl I said, but that's most likely incorrect, not? Who else is with me in saying all this pretty hate is spewed by a rl boy playing a girl and STILL not soliciting a good fuck?

  2. And it is an affliction that clearly spreads to their anonymous trolls.

    Attack, insult, attack, insult.

    That's Bad alright, but not in a good way.

  3. It is interesting that the first thing that frustrated would be sl doms do is go after a person's rl. I've had it happen several times, threats against my rl for not doing what the dom wanted. This should be a lesson to everyone, upset bad girls and they will send people after your real life.

  4. *smiles* I was having such a pleasant chat with you ... and then realized that you are beyond rational thinking on this topic. And actually, I did IM you on my own because I felt that you had based your opinions on false beliefs and because I care about the people I work and socialize with. Very sad for you and for the community that has been hurt by what you have said. Clearly, you have formed an untrue opinion of me as well as the Club. I was never rude or unkind to you in our IM ... you, on the other hand were quite offensive. Best wishes, Alex

  5. O.o


    *scraps the multi paged retort to a completely dissected version of your babblings*

    *Shakes off any feelings of hurt or sadness, or visions of educating you on the truth and helping you to see the error of your ways... the damage your flippant words cause*

    *pushes the existence of this site and you from any category of viable or useful reality in a sane world*

    "In law, defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government or nation." from the wikipedia

    Whether you term it slander, libel, lies, or just bullshit, your blog is full of it... (admittedly so in fact)

    " If it is published in more durable form, for example in written words, film, compact disc (CD), internet blogging and the like, then it is considered libel." again from the wikipedia

    You are in fact, breaking a code of human commerce that has been around for centuries.
    However, i am going to overlook this fact, and wipe you from my reality, and move on with my positive and enriching life, leaving you to dwell in whatever murky depths you climbed out of.

    Whatever your reason for being so warped, so agitating, and inflammatory, so dishonest, and *defamatory*, I have seen enough to know it doesnt matter... I can't reason with someone who doesn't know reason.

    Suffice to say, nothing you say is of any importance anyways... so... happy blogging! As a commenter so kindly pointed out, even if you are violating every code of decency without apparent reason or remorse, the reader will still be free to form their own opinion of your writing, and if *that* doesnt get massive editing, i have no doubts that their opinion will be easily drawn. See, I, unlike you, still believe in the goodness of people, that not everything has to have a dollar sign attached to it, that people still do things for the simple pleasure it gives them and those they do it for.

    *Clears browser cache and closes the window*


  6. As you like dear. But I will point something out, when I so much as sent a link to one of your managers about the original article, I was threatened as "spamming". You and your very nasty friends are coming to grief my blog, and I haven't lifted a finger.

    That should tell people all that anyone needs to know about you. That,and Jesse's hate filled rant.

    Tell me, if someone went into your club, and while there, talked to you this way, how long would it be before the eject button was pushed?

    Thought so.

  7. it is an affliction that clearly spreads to their anonymous trolls.
    Attack, insult, attack, insult.
    That's Bad alright, but not in a good way.
    Easy now my boy, you claim to be a mistress, then you shouldn't cry at the slightest adversity like that. As for anonymous trolls, if you weren't such an endearing newbie, you would bloody well know who Nathan is. You see, before you endeavour to comment on any society or subculture, it is recommended you observe it for a little while. To quote Theroux "So you know what the fuck you are on about".
    Don't try to copy and paste from your betters to impress me my pretty boy, unless you have the first three chapters of Post Office, since my beloved amstaff Zappa engorged those, and I miss them.

  8. God, you still don't get it. And I don't think you ever will. If only you had been in possession of the facts, and used them instead of voicing outright lies about how the club is run, then the staff and patrons of Bad Girls would most probably have just rolled their eyes, thought of you with as much affection as we would retarded cousin, and been on our merry way.

    But you were unable to write an unbiased piece, so excuse me while I point and laugh at you.

  9. I get it, in the form of harrassment and personal attacks from Bad Girls Management by IM, and accusations of being part of a "smear campaign."

    I note that while I have email, the management of Bad Girls seems to be afraid of it, I wonder why.

  10. As an outsider to this whole issue and having heard both sides. I have to say that Bad Girls isn't looking too hot in my books. All of you who have come here to belittle someone who wrote a critical review of your club are obviously not intelligent enough to understand how the internet and critics work. While you may consider it offensive to your club goers/staff, no one is getting a better impression of your club by reading such retorts.

    So why keep it up? Why make yourselves look worse than you already are by keeping the issue on the front burner.

    Those that love your club, will still come to your club. Personally, because I don't trot my self into escort clubs, I won't ever look you up even. While I may have glanced apon your club in the search and possibly stopped in to see if it was worth it before reading this, I wouldn't do so now as all I've seen is a bunch of whining children. And I don't associate with such a lot.

  11. Bad Girls is a piece of crap. Their management is ridiculous. Elizabeth Durnan is a crack and I'd love to punch her in the baby maker. The sim has extremely high lag and because the management is such a bunch of retards, they continually blame it on Linden Labs. The real fact is that Jesse Murdock has overloaded the sim with useless shit and it is frequently bogged down to a dismal 15 FPS even on the newest video card. The only good thing there is a few of the DJs and the rest are crap too. The worst of the worst assistant general managers is Tiffanee Babii, who is a snot nosed little bitch that acts like she can get away with whatever she wants. And it appears that Elizabeth Durnan must have a cock, because something is getting sucked for Tiffanee to stay there. The sim has a ridiculous no weapons policy, clear down to not being allowed to have skins or clothing that shows even the slightest appearence of a weapon even though you can't use them. Most of the staff there has no real life and acts like this is the only thing they ever do. Many of them seem to be plugged in 24 hours a day and I can only imagine that Tiffanee and Elizabeth both smell like cans of rotten cat food since they don't have any time to bathe due to being online so much. The whole place is a piece of shit and I recommend to anyone to stay away.