Monday, June 18, 2007

Video Wall at Yedo

Installed our unique video wall, and launched the Yedo 22nd Century VIP program. (And no ball sprawl! All right thinking avatars hate ball sprawl.)

22nd Century Yedo
Past, Present, Future

Welcome to the Yedo VIP Program, the most innovative club VIP program on SL. We realize that everyone wants you on their announcement group, and that most busy people have several groups just to manage their own business. Why keep us with so many others?

Because this isn't just a spam group, but instead, access to unique programs and benefits .

Silver VIP

Access to Yedo VIP Club currently being constructed, this will include special facilities for use by our members.
Special offers and coupons from Yedo and our retailers.
Entered into the monthly drawing for a $9.99 iTunes gift certificate. That is USD, not Linden.

Gold VIP

All Silver VIP plus:

Can invite people into the VIP group.
Can have one hour free rental of the main dance floor, subject to availability, with only 24 hours notice, including setting all four media streams.
Can change the media streams in the VIP Club.
Special free monthly gift from Yedo.

Platinum VIP

All Gold VIP plus:

VIP Rewards program, a weekly stipend. We will put 5% of all donations to Yedo, merchandise sales and rental income back into the VIP program, which will be sent out as a stipend every week. That's right, 5% of what we make from sale of merchandise, donations and rental income comes back to our Platinum VIP members.
Special access to our staff by arrangement.

Unique Rewards

No other club comes close to offering these kinds of rewards for its VIP members, and we will work hard to increase our member benefits with gift certificates to rl and sl merchandise, invitations to special events both at Yedo and around sl, and other unique and innovative rewards.

If you have suggestions, ideas, complaints, observations, send a notecard to Lillie Yifu and we will be happy to do whatever we can to make 22nd Century Yedo and its VIP program a better and better and better experience.

Working Together

But we can only offer this level of service and benefits because our VIPs help us. 22nd Century Yedo has the best dancing on SL, and we are building a roster of entertainers and djs that provide a wide range of special evenings. From geisha dancing to the most bleeding edge music and visual experience, includign our advanced dance floor, unique video wall and other coming enhancements to the today club goer's experience.

If you are a business owner, a club owner or designer or builder, we would love to hear from you! We love to do co-op arrangements with our friends, from advertising to cross marketting. Don't be shy! Second Life will be more of a success if the people who provide quality, of whatever kind, work together to form a strong network of retailers, locations and service providers that enhance the experience of residents of second life. The days of maze craze sl are soon to end, and we at 22nd Century Yedo are happy to help others make Second Life anything but second rate! Email me directly at with ideas, proposals, or just to introduce yourself and what you do.

Neo-Modern Entertainment
Don't Be Passe. Be Today.

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