Thursday, June 28, 2007

That which passes, passes like clouds

This morning I had one of those ugly realizations. I went looking through so called "full permissions" stores, and found out that most of them sold, not only the same goods, but often "no modify" same goods. Saying that a box has a complete business, and full perms, and then selling crippled products.... But what made me angry was when someone was selling the standard collection of 5 wedding dresses, for 1000L. They go for 25L in some places. In response I bought these dresses, and am leaving them down stairs as freebies... full perm. Copy, transfer, modify. Whatever you like.

I also purchased the stiletto heels that are clearly based of the design that Natalia gave away in her fabulous article. I cleaned them up a bit, put the bling in a different place, made it respond to channel 88, rather than channel 0, and made a few style alternations. Other than the AO, which I am still working on, it is now possible for a newbie girl, in one stop, to get everything she needs to go about sl: a good shape, every good giftable skin in sl, prim hair, prim shoes, and some gowns and dresses. As soon as I do the AO, the sift through clothes and jewelry, the ladies project will be complete.

Now this is important. "Communities" are being made to give some groups a chance to make huge amounts of money. The reason communities are necessary is that Linden Labs won't do the job of introducing people to SL, and SL's community did a truly criminal job. Instead of fostering new people, they were robbed for pathetic amounts of Linden by people willing to do anything to make money except work, and then to earn that money were shoved into camping farms which are mind numbing boring, and offered fake amusments like orgy rooms, or escorting as entry level work.

Is there any question as to why SL's retention rate has been terrible? Every part of SL's economy, public sector in the form of the government which is Linden Laboratories, the private sector in the form of businesses and the cultural sector in the form of the inhabitants, failed to do what needed to be done to get people up to speed quickly, but instead at every turn of the way treated new people as sheep to be shorn, or campers to be shills to shear other sheep.

From now on, as I get the money, I am going to be buying up the "full perm" junk that floats around, and freebing it, as full perm. It will take a while, since I have to dance, or be fondled, or give blow jobs for that money. But one act of phone sex at a time, I'm going to be peeling what should be in everyone's hands, well sorted, not dropped into vast creates of junk, away from the clotted and sludgy world of robbing newbies to pay absentee store owners, and into the bright light of an open source day.

It's time to just do it, put the material out there, so that people can build on it. The shoes and the wedding gowns are the first step. If someone makes something they should be able to sell it, but it is time we stopped having to "reinvent the digital wheel" over and over again on sl. That is the only way to start moving fast enough to prevent SL from being just another place where a few large coporations make everything, and the rest of us sit around and complain about it.

It's time to end the huge swathes of ugly sl, filled with crates and boxes, or with signs telling people that they can have a complete business selling what other people are already giving away, and which they cannot modify even though it is "full perm."

And Linden Labs, if you let businesses engage in outright fraud like this, then don't cry when at some point in time, something thick and sub peona-like happens to you.


  1. Thanks for making those efforts, Lillie. We should all be bringing attention to this kind of fraud wherever we find it--cockroaches run from the light.

    One RL organization I'd love to see replicated in SL is the Better Business Bureau. It would be so easy to have an independently verifiable reporting database that would give a seal of approval to businesses, protecting consumer avs from ripoff artists who prey on the newcomer. Maybe the BBB would consider doing it themselves.

  2. I think that would be a fine idea.

  3. There is a Second Life Business Bureau with similar aims.

  4. I have seen the stores you speak of and the dresses they sell and state are theirs alone are the same ones I picked up months ago for free in one big box.

    I applaud you for setting them out full perm for free. As I get my store going, I am going to set the whole set out the same way. The grid is covered with too many people starting little spots filled with items you can find for free if you do a bit of shopping. I lived for months on freebies and the little i earned from camping I saved for the items I really wanted.

  5. @Asp: that sounds great--I'll have to look them up.