Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shape Collections at the Yedo Gift Shop

After several requests, I am making available full mod versions of the Yedo Freebie shapes. The shapes come in three versions, and with the exception of Nanjing, each version includes both skirt and pants shapes. Also included with each is the freebie sharn skin, a bald base, a set of prim hair, and the bra and thong pictured. Everything you need to look like the poster, is in the contents. 250L each collection.

Today's release is Busan, Pacific Century and Nanjing. Available at The Yedo Gift Shop.

Busan is a pure Korean beauty. I don't know how things are perceived out in America, but in recent years, Korean women have been presented in Asia as the apex of oriental beauty. This shape captures some of the features that make this look like a perfume to the eyes. Her base height is something on the short side, but there is a taller version included. Busan is also "prete a porter," clothes and hair generally fit her with out modication.

The Nanjing shape here is a westernized one of the original, which is included as "Nanjing classic." Nanjing has a lovely profile, and she has powerful features. She is based on the southern Soong Dynasty Chinese idea of beautiful, something in the flavor of the old prints from that time. Round and ripe, she is not the thin ideal which many westerners have of Chinese beauty now, but the more fertile kind of ages past.

Pacific Century is today, and the most impressive of the shapes, long and lithe, impossibly thin. She comes in three variations, including a model thin and runway model thin variation. Her face is plastic and fits well with a wide variety of hair styles and clothes, however, because of her height and proportions, clothes sometimes need some tlc.

All are 250L, copy/modify, and with extras so that you are ready to start out of the box. The red hair on Nanjing is a variation of the "magic" freebie, but reset to fit on the skull rather than the nose.

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