Tuesday, June 19, 2007

End Teleport Spam Now

One of the ways that I measure whether anyone is serious about ending spam and abuse and harasment on SL is their stance on teleport spam or tspam for short. Tspam is the endemic bane of anyone in the escort business, because we are constantly fighting through menus. People go through the names on a public group, offer tps to all them them as a way of getting them to go to a club and generate traffic. That all questions become a blue dialog box means that while fighting through the blue dialogs from your tool, from animated beds, from xcite, from buying things, from "do you want to allow this to take linden" from the vendors you are setting up, there is now an uncontrolled assault on your screen from people you do not know and do not really want to know.

Often these tps are into orgy or free sex areas. Often the next word is "wanna fuck?" And it is seldom anything but ignoring you by the professional spammers. Clubs pay people to tp spam.

This has got to stop, or no mainstream business will feel safe asking people in for long. Would you want your little old lady customers accidentally saying yes to tp spam while in the middle of one of your sales pitches, only to find themselves surrounded by grinding bodies, a moan a moment sound track, and a guy with his dick out and errect saying "wanna fuck? do you have cam?"

Tspam is favored becaue the proof goes poof, and because well "you accepted it." But you didn't in many cases, and you shouldn't have to fight off teleport offers from people you haven't talked to, which more than once in my experience I've taken because I was waiting for a legitimate tp offer.

End Teleport Spam. It is harassment, often sexual harassment, and often for money. It is a simple question, does Linden Laboratories condone sexual harassment for profit, or not? If not, what are they going to do about a common business and personal practice on sl, which threatens the integrity of the system?

Or are women justified targets for anything that businesses choose to dish out, because there is clearly a large clientele on sl that wants anonymous instant sex with a woman so they can demand that the bitch worship their cocks and call them master? I don't blah blah blah about the Patriarchy often, but this looks like a pretty good candidate for "things da hoes just gotta accept."

I have a simple proposal, put on the teleport dialog a third button "block and report as spam." It is an option on myspace to report friend offers as spam, and in every email program. Everything sent to an avatar should eventually have this option: block and report as spam.

"Wanna Fuck? Do You Have Cam?"

Would people doing this to avatars with the last name "CiscoSystems" or "Linden" be tolerated? I doubt it.


  1. Good one, Lillie, and as always I agree, they should have the option to block people from sending you tps, objects ect. For now the Mute button just doesn't cut the mustard.


  2. Amen!

    Since I'm usually so close to the 25 group limit, I belong to Fashion Consolidated, so I get a lot of notices that don't always hit at the best time. The last thing I need are random teleport spammers hitting me at the same time.

    Sometimes the person doing this is a good client, so I don't want to just unfriend the guy and hope he remembers my calling card when he really wants to contact me for something a little more lucrative.

    I wonder if this kind of behavior will get worse once the traffic metrics change? If visits by unique avs start to have a lot more weight, we may see more of this behavior. I love your report teleport spam idea. May it catch on!

  3. Are the traffic metrics going to change? I heard they were and then thought I read something else "official" that said traffic stats were going to stay the same...

    Those stats are crap anyway, and totally gamed--and between tp spam and the lag and crowding caused by camping they're one of the worst quality-of-life detractors out there.

  4. a. burgess,

    Your info about traffic metrics may be more current than mine.

    When I'm looking for an "escort home" I do take a look at the traffic, but I also compare that to other activities that are available at the location. I almost always avoid any place that has any draws to the location other than the chance for the guys to find quality escorts. No camping chairs, no streaming porn, no dance floor, or perhaps a small one with a few couples dances, just us girls. When I see decent traffic figures in a place like that, then I take notice.

    I'm really enjoying this blog, by the way. I am also a very high paid escort and I've kicked around the idea of starting a blog myself but now that I've stumbled upon this one I'm going to stick to reading and commenting here and there! If I did my own there would be a bunch of posts at first and then tons of posts that start out, "Boy, it's been ages since the last time I updated..." blah, blah, blah...