Monday, June 25, 2007

Raise The Red Lantern:
Orgies without Sex

Don't say you were not warned. This post is not work safe, not work safe, not child safe, not even orgy safe. Sexpose on how little sex actually happens at the big orgy rooms.

Summary: streetwalking has lots of women hanging around and not many men paying. Orgies have lots of men hanging around, and few, generally very low quality, girls taking what comers there are. And they could even be zombies for all I know. Something is very, very, very, very wrong, when we have this much technology and talent employed for people to not have sex.

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  1. Love that movie. Gong Li is great. I liked "To Live" better, but just because I'm a political geek and historian. And I have to watch Red Sorgham occaionally to see the beautiful photography. Same with the Emperor and the Assassin. And Raise the Red Lantern too, actally. Beautiful cinimatography.