Sunday, June 17, 2007

Open Doors

London Spengler writes about an eye opening moment of having sl sex with someone of the same gender, and asks, Carrie style:

Can it be? Can you feel attracted for people of your own gender when SL, and keep “straight” at RL?

We are all queer here on sl, and it takes as much work to hold on to the scraps of straight as it does to make almost any other decision. Any place where a man has to pay for his... equipment... isn't straight almost by defintion.

Sexual desire and imagination consist of many different parts working together. On sl we have the emotional, cultural and visual signals, but not that elusive and powerful component: scent. Scent is process differently for sexual arousal... most people are aroused by the scent of the opposite sex, and, if not repelled, neutral about the sexual scent of their own. However, this is not the entirety of sexual desire, arousal or imagination. This means people can fall in love without meeting, that we can become aroused without being present physically, and we can overcome chemical signals with the power of others.

More over, lack of consequence, social disapproval and assorted other aspects of the real world reduce restrictions. As well the peculiar lack of easy forms of intimacy short of sexualized intimacy,there are more good anal sex animations that dinner table conversationones,pushes in its favor.

So in a raw medi-geek sort of way, the answer is "you were never absolutely straight to begin with, and without certain restraints, and with certain rewards, that flowers out." But why worry about the label, a label is to help you predict how other people will act: gay, straight, dyke, femme, submissive, top, bottom, are like clothes. You wear them, you choose them from available choices, you might even make them. But they still aren't you, and sexuality is an altar that we all stand before naked.

More over, relieved from our perpetual look/age/presentation/manner anxieties, women flower on sl. So many women are able to create the space in sl that they only dream of rl.

Lesbianism is the fastest growing religion on sl, and there are good reasons for that.

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