Friday, June 15, 2007

A world without honor

I have some hair. It cost me 30L at a time when that was an amount of money I felt come out of my balance and wondered how I would get it back. I later found it, full permissions, for free. It, and a variant I've made, are now packed in the Yedo Bargain basement box. A friend of mine looked at buying a club, I told him it looked like a bad deal. A builder, with a better eye, told him that it was a stock build that cost a fraction of the price they were charging for it, in the same way I can spot a girl who is built out of free parts.

This is a lesson that I learned to the tune of about 2000L of things I have bought at inflated prices, and another 10K I've spent on second tier goods when better was available for less. That is almost as much as has gone poof out of my inventory, which should tell you the other big problem of the sl economy that is preventing this place from taking off.

The reality is that Second Life is filled with people who can't make things, but want to mark up goods alot based on how hard it is to find out the real price of anything. This has got to stop, or people will be scammed, and then get angry, and then go.

I know there are big words and long theories and academic papers that could buttress this argument and add all of the words that need to be filled in.

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