Thursday, January 24, 2008

Charity and Dilbert back with a vengeance

It's clear the anger between Charity and Dilbert, founders of Phat Cats, and the new owner is unabated. How do I know? Because they are returning with a new club and just sent out this notice:

name Change
Thu Jan 24 09:46:49 2008

Ok Jazzy Cats we decided not to associate our selves with Phat cats any more since the name has been ruined and has become a not so good name. So Charity and i decided to change the name and group name . To Sweethearts Jazz you will be sent and Invitation and ejected from the old group we had previously set up. Thanks for your patience guy we love you all. Please wait until your recieve the new group before deleting the old so that we dont miss your name. Thank you.
Charity and Dilbert :)

The new phats is different from the old one and has a different goal behind it. Frankie's is more like the old phat cats was, and has vaulted to the top of large jazz clubs in sl.

As the founders of what was a second life institution, one that is missed by many, Dilbert and Charity have to be taken seriously in their new venture which has a temporary location: here.

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  1. As manager of Sweethearts Jazz, owned and operated by Charity Colville and Dilbert Dilweg let me say that they are back by popular demand from the people of SL. They are building a club that is much more Romantic than any you have seen. With many other things for the people of SL to enjoy. And Im so happy to be in it from the start.
    Myna Manen