Monday, January 28, 2008

Open Source of every river

Sing and we are the celestial choir,
No voice alone promises pure perfection,
And the shape of each and every one, becomes
That sacred noise of all creation.

Dance and we are the cosmic ballet,
No body alone contains the true proportion.
And all the eurhythmic intertwine
Music and the dance, can only be if all are.

Think and we are the theory of everything,
Symbols stretched on a page that extends in all directions,
into future and to the past, and beyond
in that direction which has no clock,
because time does not measure it.

Live as if everything is living in you,
Sing as if everyone is singing with you,
Dance your part knowing that even should
Your feet not turn out just so,
It makes a curve that only the universal mind can know.

The river's open their sources,
and from the generocity of every rain drop,
fertility courses,
even China's sorrow can only chain
because of the gifts of distant rain.

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