Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Vitamin Ci

Tired of 500L fashion that doesn't hang together? Of knock of quality at Tres Jolie prices? Tired of cheap clothes that look like your 6 year old sister's web site? Then there is an antidote: Vitamin Ci. Her clothes are not my style, I'm... well the nice way of saying is exhuberant, a confirmed B@R/Vindi/DE/last of Last Call rezziliciousness addict. But there is a real need for fashion that is understated, without being under done. The prices are around 200L-300L an outfit, which means even at camping rates you can pack your closet.

The second reason I mention Ciera is that she's clearly talented, and I could easily see a break through release from her. She needs, specifically, more baking in of highlights and shadows and of transparencies, to give things a more rounded look. She also needs a couple of killer couture pieces to make people look at stocking up on the prete a porter looks. But she's on her way, and even if she never goes after the high end market, this is a store that if you have good accessories (shoes, hair, stockings), will let you do a look in a hurry.

(Note to marketers.... I buy from blogs. If you do, then say so in your post!)

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