Friday, January 11, 2008

Tux and Fuck

The T&F, or Tuck and Fuck, is when an escort meets a newbie, gets him to buy Linden to go shopping for himself, and then well, introduces him to sl sex. First you tuck him into his clothes...

Now Myg seems to have a thing about tuxes and phats. All I can say is that she gets this one oh so wrong, and trust me, if a bukkake group is the worse thing a guy has, he's not all that much of a perv. I know mine, they are good to me.

Not the problem is *that* tux. The 2003 freebie. It's not even the best freebie tux out there. A man in a good tux is always a welcome site.

But not that one.

And myg if you think that half the girls at phats are guys, you need your guydar checked. It's nowhere near that bad. I've got male friends who will more than attest to that.

So guys, if you are going to go for the tux look. Get a good one, or find a good escort to show you where to buy a really good one.


  1. The best suit and tux I own are from Blaze. If I wear long hair and have a hint of "pervert" about me it attracts even more ladies at Phats.

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  3. Even though I'm now a good little DJ, my Blaze tux served me well in the past ;).
    I still like to wear it now and then. Go ahead, render your judgement!