Saturday, January 12, 2008

Warning! Danger! Warning Danger! Rip off alert at Insolence!

I love Insolence, but right now I am absolutely livid with them. No COPY shoes are an abomination. A complete waste of your money. Why? Because you can only wear them with one outfit, or in this case two. I should have looked, but I trusted the store. Well, fool me once and I never come back!

I am NEVER shopping Insolence again, and I am NEVER going to have a good word to say about Camilla Yosuke again. And this just after writing a glowing review. Ugh! I am such a fool for believing that anyone vendor in sl can be trusted not to be out to rob cheat and steal.

Danger danger danger

A rip off at Insolence....


Camilla Yosuke... You've seen your last Linden from me. Ever.

[Removed blog from blogroll... Ugh! Ugh!]

[More update:]

[20:56] camilla Yosuke: Hello Lillie, I appreciate your beeing direct. Now, if you think copy shoes are a better thing , I would even more appreciate that you just tell me your point, like you did with a card, explaining your case, and why not asking me a pair of copy shoes. I am totally open to customers feedback, and totally ready to change my politics when I feel something could be better for all. Now spraying the web with a blog about it, talking about it like a personal offense, well, first makes me bitter, then wont make things move an inch... I wish you a very nice day, and hope I can be of any help sometime.
[20:58] Lillie Yifu: After writign an absolutely glowing review of your store and your products, I was, and am extremely disappointed.
[21:01] Lillie Yifu: Particularly since the signs do not have the permissions lited, and the fast pay does not tell people the permissions before buying
[21:02] camilla Yosuke: mmm yes, I have to agree with that, this is due to the gift system that I use.
[21:02] Lillie Yifu: So yes, when I have had money that I have earned the very hard way taken form me, from a vendor that I trust, it evokes a very negative reaction.
[21:02] Lillie Yifu: And I am going to warn other people about it.
[21:03] camilla Yosuke: but, well I feel a little mismatch between the terms of 'rip off' ' 'rob cheat' and 'steal', and a no copy, trans item
[21:03] Lillie Yifu: You can check your records, I am the sort of person who can, and will, buy several things in rapid sucession from a store whose work I like.
[21:03] Lillie Yifu: no copy shoes, especially without ppermissions warning
[21:03] Lillie Yifu: are a rip off.
[21:03] camilla Yosuke: ok, and you're a fucking pan in the ass
[21:04] Lillie Yifu: I have ove r 200 outfits in my outfit folder
[21:04] Lillie Yifu: I use my favorite sets of shoes 20 or so times

Well that about says it all. Don't shop this person. Rip off artist! Thief!

From the comments by Cam:

ok, I have to admit that I used inapropriate words, and I apologize for this.
I do have a lot of no copy shoes, that I simply wear separately if I cannot add them to several outfits.
I don't think the designers I bought these from stole me for that reason.
I updated the vendors descriptions at the store, and will do my best to find a gift system that doesn't prevent displaying permissions.
End of the story my side.

Apologies are good. Telling people what they are buying is good. Card systems that stop people from seeing what they are buying are indeed bad.

Now I'm still out what I spent, and have no reason to go back to Insolence, but at least this has done some good in that other people won't get caught as I was finding out after the fact what was being purchased.

End of story form my side? Not really, but there is nothing else to say.

[Obviously not. Though I do note that Cam's friends were no where to be found when I said nice things about her. Tells me that the name Insolence should have been a warning. Also many of the comments are simply factually incorrect, but I'm not wading into the cat pit to correct our little collection of drama queens. I don't say nasty things just to attract attention, but if you wonder why people do, here's another example. There's a lot of traffic in it, where as there is much less in being nice. My policy is to try and find nice things unless someone gets in my face about being not nice. So I think Cam or whoever for sending the traffic my way, and perhaps if you'd been more open in the first place, I'd have taken a different approach. But you didn't and I didn't.

And by the way No copy shoes are still an abomination. I have 200 outfits. If I paid for shoes what Cam wants me to pay for shoes, which would come to 399,000L, and I would have to spend every year to keep updated, then my sl friends would, justifiably, be telling Imelda Marcos jokes about me. 399,000L is what, 900 US dollars? You can check it yourself on the Lindex.]


  1. I'm gonna continue to shop there, thank you.

  2. Up to you. If you like paying 10 times as much for something, from a vendor who will steal your money, that's your choice.

  3. I just read this little 'article' of yours and it's obvious to me that you're a vocal ranter. I look forward to visiting the shop.

    You ought to apologize for causing such a fuss, though you'll probably delete this comment.

    I think it's safe to say that lillie yifu is a petty person who has no idea of how to approach a situation.

  4. ok, I have to admit that I used inapropriate words, and I apologize for this.
    I do have a lot of no copy shoes, that I simply wear separately if I cannot add them to several outfits.
    I don't think the designers I bought these from stole me for that reason.
    I updated the vendors descriptions at the store, and will do my best to find a gift system that doesn't prevent displaying permissions.
    End of the story my side.

  5. "I just read this little 'article' of yours and it's obvious to me that you're a vocal ranter. I look forward to visiting the shop."

    Yes yes, hundreds of posts here and every one a content free rant.

    You do realize that you sound pretty silly don't you?

  6. I am really confused how the vendor stole your money. You bought shoes, you paid for the shoes, you got the shoes. There is no theft there. the title of your blog drew me in but when I saw the store name I was a little surprised. Theft is much more serious than this. This is a simple misunderstanding about the perms in a pair of shoes.

  7. Wow, a bit high maintenance, aren't we? I bet if you'd set the creator a notecard asking if you could swap out your shoes for a copy version, she would have been more than happy to do that for you. I definitely wouldn't have been as nice as she was after what you said here...

    The ads don't say what the items permissions are? Hit edit on what you're buying and check the permissions on what's inside. That takes all of 2 seconds.. Just think, it would save you the time of writing a big dramatic article..

    You could have posted a REAL article about how you think no copy shoes is annoying, without specific names.. instead of wrongly accusing someone of STEALING your money. You do HAVE the shoes, correct? They do look like what was on the ad.. yeah? So technically there's no theft here. Just an inconvenience for you..

    Here's a tissue. Get over it.

  8. First off you wrote a glowing article on Insolence where ??? if you already knew the products enough to praise them, would you not know of her permissions structure ? .

    You are obviously very in need of multiple copies of items, thats admirable that you are willing to increase your object count in inventory so easily, I myself do the same, I love a good 54K inventory and crashing whenever I need anything....just makes me warm and fuzzy all over.

    I have shoes from many stores, some older ones are no copy and nearly all my latest are no transfer, do I put shoes in outfit folders, NO, why? because I seldom wear the same ensemble twice..oh wow now I remember why my inventory rocks.

    The time it would take me to go to a folder called 'Outfit Boredom 215" and then decide that I am sooo over those spike heeled blingtard shoes from 2004, I would have to log off just to take the time to stick a fork in my eye, and believe me I have some because for some reason LL wont delete those, and I keep hoping that they may take them as a sacrifice and leave my good shoes alone.

    If you have trouble dressing yourself by moving from folder to folder, consider reeeeallly descriptive terms like tori spelling uses 'wore while caught naked with shannon doherty' and we know how fat her wardrobe reallly will do you wonders in speed dressing.

    Should stores in second life list their perms on their vendor pics Huge Yes Im all for it , but Princess Dear you saw nothing written, you saw no info on pay and you still bought , hmmm smacks head, but its ok, really it is ... you will be much happier staying on your high horse I hear they stimulate.

    xoxox Sasy xoxo

  9. I think it's my duty to underline a few things as a respect sign towards those
    who read this blog.
    Shoes' vendors show, if you simply put the cursor on them, that items are NO COPY,
    NO MOD, TRANSFER. Items are NO COPY being TRANSF; you sure understand
    that if they were both, copyable and transferable, we would go broke within
    two days if not before.
    Items are no modifyable as the shoes sold in most of the best stores in SL.
    I suppose you will blame them in your blog and you will avoid to visit them
    as well.
    As most of our costumers can confirm, we are always ready to meet their
    needs, and I can assure you that if you only took the chance to contact Camilla
    or me, you could have bought a pair of shoes, copyable and, of course, no
    We are always open to suggestions and critics, being them a precious source
    for new ideas and a growing for best; yet we are not as open to not unmotivated insults.
    Best regards,
    Danielle Astonia

  10. I don't think your definition of the word "theft" is the same as mine. I would consider theft to be a vendor that intentionally takes your money and gives you nothing in return. But you DID get the shoes, right?

    I can't imagine why someone would want to increase their inventory like you're talking about. It is, however, your right to do so. But if you dislike no copy shoes, simply don't buy them. As has been stated, it is possible to get the preferences in more than one way. Your lack of forethought does not equal theft.

  11. Wow. That's probably the most fucked up definition of theft I ever saw.

    And yes, read Sassy's post. Not once, not twice. But read it until you get that lesson into your skull.

  12. Is this some kind of a joke? Is the odd irony of the situation being lost on me somehow? Do I need to swish my hand over my head and make a "swoosh" noise?

    I'm really, truly uncertain why someone would need 20 copies of the very same pair of shoes in their inventory.

    I have a pair of shoes I wear about 85% of the time. They are Mary Janes. When I don't want to take all the time to go to my clothes > shoes folder and find them, I just type "Mary Jane" in my inventory and it finds them for me.

    But then again, I actually mix and match pieces of clothing, or like to try new pairs of shoes with different items in my wardrobe.

    Honestly -- that's what this is about? You now don't have 20 copies of the same pair of shoes in a folder that you can click and drag onto yourself?

    I suppose after nine months in SL, I'm still noobish enough to not understand how that qualifies as theft.

  13. The problem is that an item can only appear in one place in the inventory, so that it's impossible to associate a single pair of shoes with multiple outfits. There is at least one JIRA entry proposing a fix to that.

  14. Apologies... I should have looked it up before commenting. It's VWR-581, and I hope that all interested will vote for it. Making multiple copies to get around the inability to have multiple folders refer to the same object is wasteful, and that much more of a load on the ever-suffering asset server.

  15. Last comment was from January, but as I am a satisfied customer of Insolence, and a model as well, I have never had the problem of duplicating shoes for an outfit.
    Sometimes I've done it with hair, or moved the items directly, because i needed neat little folders for a fashion show.
    I still think Camilla does wonderful work, and when I needed help I got all the customer support I needed from Danielle.

    I think your idea of theft is a little weird; my idea of theft is you flooding SL with dozens of copies of the same item in your inventory. And then the asset servers crash... no wonder

    Keep up the good work Cammilla, love the new Misty Line!