Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where are the Boyz?

Why doesn't Second Life have a fabulous gay club?

I've been all over looking for one, because, let's face it, much of st8 clubbing in Second Life is a kind of fantasy version of what is the clubbing reality for the boyz in real life. It isn't as if it is impossible to do a fabulous club, and gay men, RL, almost define fabulous. I went to Gay Cruising in Glenboon to start my search for the fabulousness in second life, and came away having seen what looked like an orgy room. It was less desperate, but it was dominated by slugly. The boyz I know rl wouldn't be there, except at the end of a losing streak with a major hard on, or if they wanted to "fuck nasty," that is, they had a hunger for something tall, dark, and near the poverty line.

Now from time to time the RL bigotry directed at gay men shows through in second life. "Yiff in Hell Fur Fags" is a good example of an eruption of it. One of my tranny escort friends talks about men who admit they come to sl to get their fill of "packed ass" as she put it, but also admit a bias against gay men. Who do they think plays tranny in Second Life? A few women, yes, have the fantasy of being a chick with a dick, but mostly, it is men. he first sex skybox I rented had no menus except for straight couples on the sex bed or sex showers. 56 poses and all of the hetero.

The men I saw at Gay Cruising were distinctly not fabulous. They were friendly and helpful to each other, and it was a relaxed atmosphere, so people looking for a good place to, pun intended, hang, should check it out. Better than many places I've searched which were, well camping farms.

But fabulousness seems to be in short supply. Which is a shame because rl, much of the beauty for the male body comes from the hand of gay men. From artists like Michelangelo, to designers. I really believe that getting more boyz to play in Second Life should be a strategic priority, because better men's fashion is important to real world organizations coming in world. And in gay culture, the fantasy of fabulous is often something that even down on their luck gay men try to do. The only people more likely than young women to go into debt for shoes, are young coming out gay men.

Second Life should be the perfect place to come out, and some of the people who have passed through my… hmmmm…. hands, have been working their way to admitting being bisexual or mainly homosexual in real life.

The second place I went to was Zeus. It is a gay version of the standard sl club. Spamming management, DJ, contests, camping pods and all. It was distinctly thin on people, but that could have just been that it was Sunday night/Monday morning. But it really was standard, complete with the rotating spotlights, particle explosions and the rest.

The Gay Yiffy Club is distinctly not fabulous. But it was the most pleasant club I had gone to by this point. No particle over load, not too much lag, actual dancers, a good live dj. Relatively pleasant place to hang out, and the staff has a sense of humor.

Gay world is a camping far. Fabulous? Uh more like Don't Get Caught Dead there.

Boystown was distinctly emptish, but while definitely passe, an attempt at tasteful upscale. But nothing resembling a place to be fabulous. The sim owners are serious about keeping lag down too. Best music though, maybe it could be colonized? Steamorkz there bans women avatars, so I can't tell you what's inside, except that, by definition, it's not fabulous if they won't let grrls play too. Und Tchüss little boys, call me when you grow up and get that the B in GBLT doesn't stand for B*got and the L in GBLT doesn't stand for Loser. Or didn't you notice that lots of the voices on your own radio aren't boyz?

I've been told that gay men often cruise in wooded areas by pushing into each other. It's kind of an extension of covert gathering places in the real world.

But…. Why no fabulous boyz club? Is there something I'm missing? Anyone? Why isn't there a club that aims to be the gay Frankie's or Phats? Or the gay Arsheba at least.

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