Friday, January 18, 2008

Escort Island knocked out of Search.

Let's all hate the Lindens
Fri Jan 18 07:08:03 2008

Ever since yesterday's rolling restart Escort Island has vanished from the new search engine. This affects traffic badly. It is not just EI, a whole lot of mainland regions are affected. I'm sorry! A lot of us have been nagging the lindens, but if any of you feel like sending a support ticket or a bug report or using the e-mail option on the first page of the new search engine, then please do! We need to be a very squeaky wheel! And I promise,

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  1. Used the word Loli or Lolita in your advertisement? There is a black list of words you can not use around, no idea on where to fidn it but I know those 2 are on there.

    If you search on these words you will see 'Some terms in your search query were excluded due to content restrictions as clarified in the Community Standards'

    Hope that helps