Thursday, January 24, 2008

What part of racism deserves respect?

Mia Freeman asks why Spencer Tunick doesn't get respect.
Ummm do we need to do the math here.

Look through the 9 photographs selected (eight plus one linked to). Other than one which is a pairing, count the number of people who are not white in his pictures. Now realize the diversity of the human family. Tunick has less diversity than Bosch did painting in post-medieval Europe.

That says something, or should say something. The defense of location doesn't work. Wavy line is in a very cosmopolitan and broadly diverse city. It's participants are not. Tunick isn't a racist... he just only takes pictures of white people if he can help it.

The roots of racism spread in many directions, but one is unthinking presentation of a certain view of the human family. When one sees picture after picture of ethnic homogeneity, one has to ask what is going on here.

OK Mia... why didn't you ask that question upfront?


  1. Well, we had more variety at Gina's recent Tunick-like event in SL:

    More to come soon.