Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Morning's News Round Up

I know anyone can use google news and put a list of links, so if there is any value to add it is commentary. I'm not sure my thoughts are worth it... but I also haven't liked any of the new round ups I've seen here quite. So think of this more along the lines of my personal note pad.

IBM adds virtual sales staff for India in Second Life.

Major news, all media is driven by making sales, either in the media space, or in the physical space.

Related Car dealerships in Second Life.

CRY opens offices in world.

Joins a list of charitable organizations.

Chicago Tribune/LA Times finally covers Ginko and its 40% interest rate, and what happened next.

This is why unregistered banks could not have been banned fast enough. Illegal and bad publicity. Major typo, Ginko went down with $750,000, not $75,000.

The Knowledge blog on HR possibilities in VR.

Ohio University has oritentations for Second Life.

Victor Graf really hates second life. Really, really, really.

Second Life could be the worst thing to ever happen to the internet. Yeah, worse than MySpace, worse than that w32.stupidface worm and certainly worse than any game out there.

It's a game that's not a game. Which should be excellent: It gives users amazing freedom. But that's a bad thing. The internet is built on three things: freaky sex, greed and awful design. Second Life exhibits all of these in abundance.

At the very least, it should be technically sound. Wrong again. It's bad enough that the client runs at half a frame per second, but the server lags – or drops connections – enough to almost make uptime the exception rather than the rule.

How did things in Second Life suddenly change from being the revolution in virtual worlds to a chat room full of people dressed as fashion plates for the uncanny valley or amorous walking zebras? Turns out all the breathless NPR pieces and kiss-ass articles in tech magazines aren't going to polish this turd into the Metaverse from Snow Crash.

Sounds like someone hung out in an orgy room and could not get laid...
Related: Gamblers still say the downturn was the fault of the gambling ban. No actually, the downturn started two weeks before the gambling ban when several scam financial spools came unravelled. The gambling ban deepened it, obviously, but was then compounded by "the great land dump," which drove land prices from 10L/M to 6L/M in the space of about 2 weeks.

Where as shiny shiny is starting to see the strange attraction of second life style.

Come shopping with me!

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  1. Alas for Mr. Graf, comedy is best left to professionals.