Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Havok 4 Beta test notes

1. Huge prims hollow exclusion zone is fixed, in how really seems to work for simple objects. I am going to test on spirals. This means you can build a super spiral which is hollow and walkable. We could build 1km towers that are walkable with only a few prims. as far as I can tell these objects generate some physics lag, about .1ms of frame time each.

2. Animation is smoother, but there is more physics lag, running around .2ms higher.

3. Bug 1: the calculations on what can be linked have changed, it delinked a sculpture I had.

4. Bug 2: It used to be that several child objects could have llTargetOmega in them and would rotate around their local centers. This is broken presently in Havok 4.

5. We've already had one simulator crash under H4

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