Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My latest kinetic sculpture has been installed in the Yedo Sculpture Garden. The title is "Longitude."

Longitude works by sitting on the main sculpture and then turning on mouse look and pointing the view at the glove in the center, allowing time to spin the interwoven series of circles. Focus on the center gold ring. It can also be viewed just from watching from the outside as a moving piece.

When seated, it is a kind of Second Life kaleidoscope.

For those who read the original book, or saw the television adaptation, the search for a solution to the problem of the longitude is one of the power of a different era. It was the rise of precision parts, in which Harrison was one of the great innovators, which made it possible to build a clock that would not lose time through different motion over travel, and would make it possible to easily tell the east or west difference in location.

In our own time Virtual Reality and Interactivity are very much the same way, a thing that produces its own unique motion, and with which we will press onwards to solve problems which do not seem, on their face, to be connected to it at all.

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