Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"In the pink" going forward

Last night Lauren Weyland announced that the drafts are be compiled for the script of In the Pink and that the fact that this show is being done in world, though in association with V-Day brings a host of benefits. One is that there is now no limit on the number of shows, and that means that many more people will be able to experience it. They have a full cast, a production meeting schedule, and a PR crew that is going to be reaching out to in world media and bloggers to spread the world that In the Pink will be going on the boards.

But one thing they need is donations to show V-Day that this really is a worthwhile thing. Think about something: do you sell content to people with vaginas? Clothes, sex beds, other toys? Then you are in the virtual vagina industry. Why not just give one hour of what you make in the virtual vagina industry to this event?

Hey you, guys with female partners... how would you feel if she were mistreated? Why don't you do something about that. And what about you guys with female alts or avs... She's got a cute butt right? (I heard one male gamer say that if is going to spend 50 levels of WoW looking at a butt, it had better be cute) She's been working her virtual vagina off for you. Now think about all the times guys haven't exactly been respectful of your avie... realize it is like that out here in rl for all the time. Why not just give one stipend, that's 300L, in honor of your avies and their VVs.

I'm donating one hour of my cyber fees. Just give one hour to put your money where your vagina is people... And don't get me started on Linden Labs. They are in the virtual vagina industry. If they gave just 1L for each virtual vagina to log on in an hour, that would be what 20K? I really wish LL were hip enough to do that... maybe some of their developers are.

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