Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Click Me on Why CyberSex is good for you.

10 reasons

I read her column regularly, and it has a nice insider's touch, she clearly knows the game from Second Life to AOL.

But it is a comment from an earlier column, her best and worst of CyberSex 2007, that I have wanted to follow up on.

Most discouraging half an hour for the future of cybersex. If you’re looking for a quick online fuck—say to round-out a collection of cybersex transcripts you’re analyzing for linguistics, perhaps—the easiest places to get laid are the AOL chatrooms. Unfortunately, they’re also the most depressing. In a less than 30 minute session I was messaged by more than ten guys; they all used the exact same lines: “Age/sex/location?”; “What do you do for fun?”; “Do you want to suck my cock?” By the end, I had a list of ten stock responses to copy and paste. The most depressing part: no one seemed to notice.

There is a story coming... I promise.

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