Monday, July 2, 2007

Customer Service

I got a customer complaint in a comment below. Because of the ... widely variable quality of customer service on sl, I can understand the impulse to not bother and just complain. This is why I am putting this post up.

If you aren't happy with something, contact me, Chrysanthemum Yifu or Susan Usher in world with the problem. If the original item is transfer, then you can give the old one back. If the item was no transfer, then I can check records to see if you bought something and we can get things right for you.

No, we don't do refunds, for the same reason everyone else doesn't, it is far to easy to buy soemthing, copy it in various ways, and want a refund.

But I do take customer service seriously, and you can reach someone almost any hour of the day, or send email through this web page, or send a notecard. Just make sure the note card has you name on it.


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