Sunday, July 1, 2007

Three New Shapes

One of my beliefs is that there is a lack of variety for asian avatars. And today's batch of additions is mean to continue changing that. If you look at the range of imagination today in places around Asia, you will realize fast that it isn't your grandfather's orient.

All of these shapes capture a different kind of face and body combination. As with the others they are full modify, so that you can tweak to get you from a solid base. There are 6 variations for each - including the skirt variations. 250L per collection.

Taibei is a fast ride on a hot machine. She has a gymnastic figure, a strong front on face, and a certain bearing about her. Taibei the rl city has girls who are self-condifent, fast, forward looking and stylish, and this shape is the same way.

Yokohama is the beach babe shape. She is very very very very round. I know the perception in people's minds is of "flat chested oriental girl," but that was as much a product of diet as anything. If you look at how things are today, yes, there are many thin girls of asian extraction, but there are plenty of other shapes and sizes. I wanted a shape here that was natural in her own figure and face.

In mainland China, Shanghai girls are presented as the hot, hotter, hottest most beautiful and sensual girls there are. It's almost a cliche. So when doing a shape that was supposed to be willowy and graceful, and the smoldering allure of memory... What other city and was there to use?

The really important project though, to my mind, is getting good male shapes. So even though I in fact have more asian women's shapes in inventory which I could relatively easily package up and make available, I'm going to focus on doing similar packages for men. But it is going to take some time, because several of the things that are out there for free for women, don't have equivalent quality for men available. I'm starting with a good free tuxedo in black.

As before, everything you need to look like the poster is in the box: all of them come with prim hair, the classic "sharn" skin, and lingerie. Taibei comes with a necklace and Yokohama with prim heels.

Why pay more and get less? I've also updated the hair freebie downstairs, with the siempre hair style, in several colors.


  1. Because I was looking for a good Asian shape (I love how Asian women look and would love to have that in SL at times), the first batch of shapes I bought from your place had disproportionately long legs and looked ugly due to that... In fact I (unfortunately) list those shapes with my 'worst buys ever in SL'... Are these shapes better in that regard...? Also I tend to expect Asian style SL avatars to be fairly short, at least less than my standard shapes 6'2" height within SL (I got that just from trying to balance out and make the body proportionate)...

    I'd love to own more Asian shapes though, so please tell me these ones don't have those issues...

  2. One reason I sell shapes that are full modify - all 6 sets are - is that almost no one will like everything about any shape. If you think that the shape as sold is too tall, or has legs that are too long, then you can edit appearance and get exactly what the height and leg length you prefer.

    Most shapes sold on sl are not full modify, because at that point anyone can duplicate the shape.

    In fact, if you read Lost's note on his Dante shape, which is 10 times the price, not modifiable, he has the legs set to "100".

    I'm sorry you don't like the base shape, but that's why I sold the shape modify, against standard sl practice at that price: so that you aren't stuck with a shape you don't like and can't change.

  3. And dear, if you were that unhappy... why ever didn't you contact me in world? I am often logged in, you could have sent me a note card, email through this web page.

    The first thing to do when unhappy with merchandise, is to contact the merchant. Things can be resolved much faster if you do this, rather than leave a comment on a web page.

  4. *giggles* You'd think I would do that... Especially when I sell a few things myself and if someone has problems I'll actually give them extra to make sure their happy when I fix things (I also sell my stuff mod, so they can be adjusted to fit)... but being the utter clotheswhore I am I buy something, try it on and if I have issues I forget to do anything with it... ^_^

    It doesn't help I get busy working on something and forget... That's why I have still forgotten to update my blog when I'm home and have the pictures to do it... ^_^

    Really I think something is seriously not right with the one I got... or was it two...? I mean it didn't look anything like the picture due to the way over exaggerated legs... I'll try to remember to do that tonight... If I don't end up trying to work more on my Red Satin Flexi-dress design... Or get a customer... ^_^

  5. I took all the pictures just before crating up the shapes, so there should not have been a problem. That's me wearing each and everyone of the bodies.

  6. Weird... Let me take a couple pics and... Well I'm not sure where I can upload them right now, but you can see I look really really weird in them... ^_^

  7. I agree: there's very little African or African-American skins/shapes around, and even fewer Asian shapes/skins. I have a friend working as an Escort, and she considered more than once changing towards Asian. Funny enough her tall-Scandinavian-Blonde niche seems to work just fine.