Friday, July 6, 2007

I sing for you

Let me tap my feet in syncopated rhythm,
the sounds are not sounds, but only in our minds.
Let me undulate my form for you,
the flesh is not flesh, but in our senses.
Let me soak you in my perfume,
the scent is not scent, but in your memory.
Let me open all I am to you,
the moisture that you feel is mirage in a wasteland.

Is this some other world, some other place?
No, never, nonce, and not.

It is the real world that we all know.
Because each, and everything, we feel and hear and see and smell,
we know them not, except as we sense them,
and then in conjuration later do remember them.

And these veiled reveries, that skip and dance for us before the mind's eyes.
These, and these alone, are all we have.
For when I leave you to sleep upon your bed,
and slide soft silk upon my hips,
and smooth sateen cotton kissed by your lips,
and clip my rich firmament of hair up from soft shoulders,
and turn to walk to that half opened darkened doors.

It is memories, only memories, that you will have of me
of all that is mine, that you took from me
of all that was ours, that we had in this place.
And once remembered, they are no more, nor less, real
than any other time and or imagined face.

And when you are disheartened and alone,
when you are reaching for that other home,
you will command "Speak memory,"
and calling forth spirits, with that magic,
that all humans learn, and animals learn to fear,
from out of distant past of never more,
the words, those old and awful words, come forth
"Sing, Goddess."

Then, in that silent still caress of reminiscence,
my face and form and voice will come to you,
where by you will enter back into to this and other heres.

I am your Circe, and by this sorcercy will you disclose,
that magic circle woven out of poetry, memory, music,
and transfigured prose.


  1. No. Not a failed poet at all.

  2. I think it's you who are the better writer in SL

  3. No dear, I just borrow from the best I know, and hope that they don't come back to reclaim the words while I use them.

  4. Lillie,

    Your poetry is beautiful as was your previous post. You are a wonderful poet.

    I'm so sorry, if I hurt you in my posting to pandoradesigns blog. I just read the blog today and realized that I did go overboard and I didn't mean it.

    I'm admitting for all to see that I was overzealous, especially with what I said about you.

    Please... I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me and accept my humblest apologies.

    My only purpose was to defend those in SL who won't speak up (please pardon the pun) for themselves and to voice (again, pardon) the opinions of those who don't want to be marginalized.

    I ask that you please take my comments as they were meant to be, a passionate and, honestly, overly zealous defense of the rights of people who don't want to use the voice feature.

    This, however, doesn't justify my reaction. I'm terribly sorry that I hurt you, and you have my deepest apologies.

    It is obvious from your previous posts that you have come out against the current implementation of this in SL.

    Very honestly and truly yours,
    Anony Mouse
    "Please forgive me."

  5. Hello Anony

    I think that offering an apology is one of the bravest things that anyone does, so I very much respect your apology and the courage it takes.

    My own view on voice is this: voice contact is powerful, it enriches our experience. For that same reason, it should be consensual, and therefore sensual. We can't do things to other people with money, or animation, without permission. But voice chat as it is, is not consensual.

    The same is true, double over, for voice bigotry. It isn't just silly, because voice isn't going to be an indicator of gender for long, it is against what we stand for here. I would be like saying "I don't trust you until we've had free sex."

    In my post on voice chat I outlined some minimum things that need to happen: better tools for finding out who is speaking, better controls, better social understanding, and stronger penalties for voice harassment. I also believe that tags should be colored to tell everyone just how much rl you want.

    Like you, and many people, I am angry about how voice chat has been pushed, how it has been implemented, and more than a little bit of the belief that performance problems can be traced to the push for voice chat, either directly or indirectly.

    I use voice in my profession, namely skype. I find many many other people are the same way: they want voice contact, with people they know, with their friends and associates. But they don't really want to feel that just by walking across a boundary that they will be subjected to sexual harassment, and that is what voice come ons would be, sexual harassment under the law, or feeling pressured into revealing an intimate reality about themselves, or be ostracised from contact.

    But realize as well that there are people who are hungering for this kind of contact, and they too must have what they need.

    Thank you again anony. I can see you are very passionate about this subject, so please, let us build a consensus that helps everyone, voice public, voice private, and voice absent alike.

    Because leadership in that direction isn't coming from the god kings.....