Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh no, not again!

One thing that is very annoying is a debunker who goes on about bad statistics, and then uses bad statistics.

Specifically tehehehe 18% of total land mass comment.

New York City is what fraction of New York State's land mass. What fraction of New York State's population is it? What fraction of its GDP. Roll's eyes. More over the direct sex industry, to which I belong, is a fraction of the size of the indirect sex industry. Yes Stoker sells a lot of beds to escorts. He sells even more to couples.

More over, and this is something I am at pains to point out repeatedly, more important than the sex acts on second life, is the ability to be part of a society that accepts the signs of your sexual culture. In RL, gay men being able to be visibly gay is "coming out," you can have sex in a closet, but not a life.

The reality is the reverse, rl is filled with people having sex, and much more of that is weird sex, or involves fantasies of weird sex than more, I won't say puritanical minds, but hypocritical ones, would like to think about. Here's a simple thought, it takes, for couples trying conceive, many acts of sex to get a child. So look around you on the bus, realize that there are the results of hundreds of acts of sex staring you in the face. Stare out on to the street, thousands of them. Look at a concert or sporting event.


We are primates, and for the time being, that means the vast majority of people will engage in sex, think about sex, and much of the economy consists of what people have to do to get enough food, space and accoutrements to be able to find someone to have sex with.

Will people please stop underestimating what lengths people go through for sex? And will people start quoting dollar volume if they want to talk about the importance of sex to sl's economy, and include money spent on content for the purposes of offering direct sex as part of this figure. I know economists do this when they talk about the importance of this or that to the American economy, so it can't be impossible, since the American economy doesn't live on one searchable grid of computers.

Hamlet you know better than this....

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