Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Second Hand

More fiction from the neko kitten.

Love this month's cover at Second Style. That's presence.

Globe Theatre to open 22nd July 1300-1800 SLT

If it looks this good in world, I have got to buy a pair.

Vernor Vinge gets a mention. But really, writers followed, rather than led this one. Everyone I know who was into this a long time ago says the same thing: "They weren't writing the future, they were reporting on a bit of the future that had some how fallen into the 20th century by accident."

Must listen to podcast from Metaversed. Someone forwarded me the whole thing. I'm reminded of similar moments when reality rudely intruded into the bubble of auteur fantasy.

An avatar profile from Hamlet AU of Tasril Sieyes. Tasril is one of the most creative people on SL, whose work deserves a great deal more attention.

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