Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Like A Hawk From Above

I read Jazon's almost painful honesty and I think I understand something that was cloudy to me before. I know several people who live their lives under the glare of self-examination which is far more powerful than what I experience. They think about thinking about themselves.

Jazon is one of these people. He acts in ways which are more vivid than I could. I would never shut my blog down for offending someone, nor bring it back on request. It is a living out of the heart, in a kind of immediate, immamment and unmediated way that almost invites a mind to look down from far above like a circling hawk, and focus with a precision and intensity that those of us born with more ordinary eyes can only wonder at.

But it also must be difficult, to live filming one's emotional life that way, and it means, I think that I should be more tender to those who I know are like Jazon, and held in the grip of a powerful self-vision that is intrinsic to their being.

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