Sunday, July 15, 2007

Escort Discrimination

One of the pervasive facts of life is on sl is escort discrimination. Like bigotry against gay men and anti-newbie sentiment, it is one of the few forms of discrimination people are allowed. Escorts spend a great deal of money on fashion and skins, we live on it as our trade, and we reward ourselves by buying content. The fashion industry on sl, to no small extent is part of the sex industry. This is why it is particularly unhappy when a fashion house proves to be discriminatory in how they allow coverage. Una Ewing is such a person. She wanted coverage for her show, I've modelled and done SL photography. She refused because I am not the right sort of person.

On one hand, banning freelancing from areas is reasonable, people have built a sim or developed a parcel, and they don't want other people selling on that parcel. Whether hair or companionship, fair is definitely fair. Girls who freelance where they are not wanted can, and should, be banned for it. But many places take it a step further and pre-emptively ban all escorts. That crosses the line.

I will never spend one Linden on anything she does, and I will tell other girls not to spend money on what she does. We have enough places we can't go, we have enough barriers without giving money to them. Nor will I have a good word to say for her. SL is a place where discrimination should not exist. No one's life choices, so long as they are consenual life choices, should be open to attack. No one's state of being should be, and frankly, no one should be stuck as a newbie one minute longer than is necessary.

No escort or former escort should cover her show, spend money on her, or push her work, because that money will go into slamming doors in our faces later.

Shame on you Una. Shame on you. Without the sex industry, there would be no SL for you to sell things to.

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  1. I was dancing with a woman, a housewife in RL and a Vampire with incestuous family in SL, who walked off the dance floor--well TP'd actually--when I told her I enjoyed the company of escorts. Another ex-friend, who finds groups of men to be with, courts admiration, but refuses sex and lives for jealousy, offered as her first question when I told her of a new girlfriend, "does she escort?" I responded with a query as to how she imagined that was her business, and I haven't heard from her since. At this point, I am not close to any women in SL who don't dance and/or escort. It's only honest. If I were a woman I would be an escort and a dancer, no question. I don't because I could never deal with all the fashion choices, the issues of finding hair in inventory, or come up with the patience to politely listen and respond to the lines I hear men use in SL, especially with those engaged in erotic commerce.
    Befriending an escort means that, 1. She will be less likely to be angling for monogamy, if that isn't your desire, 2. She will know how to fuck and emote, 3. She will have learned to look good. 4. She will change outfits efficiently when it's time to switch environments, and 5. Be likely to be uncommonly appreciative if you treat her decently.