Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow:
Live Blogging Blogher.

I love conferences, they come with free food. OK virtual conferences don't come with free food, but still. It's a break from routine and a chance to meet people who you only read, or read about.

I'm here at the serviceable conference center, and Queen Tureaud, who has been everywhere doing everything rl and sl to make Blogher '07 happen, is getting things working. Uber sl blogger Vint Falken is already here. There is the normal fiddle with HUD's and audio and so on.

Queen has a crotchport problem and is joking about it. There are 800 people in Chicago right now, with only a couple of spots left. This is double the size of the first San Jose.

The first part is the usual housekeeping and so on... But the thanks to the volunteers and the attendees is well deserved, this is going very well...

Koz is going over the BlogHUD and the new feature he wants to add, but the driver is one for mobile phones with GPS. He wants to add voice to that. He notes that many people want their rl and sl being not associated with it.

The topic of noobs come in comes up.

The don't get it factor for second life comes up, and the problems of newbies comes up. The tools are brought by Koz as part of it, but the he brings up the fact it is not a game. The need for a newbie blog is brought up.

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