Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dilbert and Charity Sell Interest in Phat Cats

The number one club in SL changes hands.

For those of you who don't know the history of Phat Cat's, Dilbert and Charity started it on a shoestring and a small parcel of land in Agriopis. It wasn't long before word about the most romtantic jazz club in Second Life got around and the little spot was always full. People felt the love and eventually we were able to buy our own sim. Phat Cat's was the frst dance venue in Second Life to make it onto the most popular list without camping, nudity, or sex as a draw.

Dil and Charity have been together in SL for a year now and were unable to be together in RL because of illness. Thankfully that is resolved and we are moving to be together in real life. We will be spending time together in real life rather than here in Second Life. While we will always be involved and concerned in Phat Cat's, we have sold the interest in it to Alix Abruzzo who will devote her time and efforts to it. Alix has been with us as a friend in Phat Cat's since its early days, she loves it as we do, and will put the care into it and maintain its integrity.

We want to thank all of you for your love and devotion to Phat Cat's. We are very grateful to our staff and all of our vendors for their support and their loyalty to us. Please add Dilbert and Charity to you friends lists if you wish to stay closely in touch. We are not leaving SL, but we will be taking a great deal of time away and all business regarding Phat Cat's should be directed to the new owner, Alix Abruzzo.

All our love and thanks,
Dilbert and Charity

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