Sunday, February 17, 2008

Coming to a Galaxy Near You

I remember going to Galaxy soon after it opened, when it was still trying to find its way. It was a big box standard club with no mall. The owners have spent the money and time and held on to remain the largest club of its kind. Galaxy is a throw back club to 2006. Campers, lag, poles, high pressure dj's telling you to spend money. The music is about leading a whore to culture. ASC spam. So why galaxy and not the others? Why is it still here?

Because the management is on top of everything. Because the dancers are part of the environment. It isn't claustrophobic, but is decorated in open blues and whites.

The dancing is very polished, not ornamented, and as direct as the soundtrack: filled with equal parts violent lust and violent misogyny. Horny, cum, bitch are on the list in tight rotation. But despite all the talk of being sexy, naughty and bitchy, practically the Galaxy Anthem, it isn't really, it is busy telling the clients that it is ok to be a little bit out of their work a day world.

Here's an example of the chat:

stops swirling around her pole, she jumps off her stage and dances her way through the mcrowd.... her hands running through her hair, her hips swaying, her breasts bouncing...

For all this hard sell over drive, the crowd is in fact remarkably laid back. They aren't really orgy room tearing and pawing, but are remarkably quiet and well behaved. I saw one girl dancing who had just been an orgy room - laughing at the sight of people trying to crawl all over each other. Instead, they boing, they tip, they tease. And they are very laid back about it.

passes her fingertips over her hot silky skin, running them along the hem of her shorts....she pulls at them sliding her finger underneath them to her sexy ass and then spanks it...mmmmm

As you can see, it doesn't have flair, but it is to the point and fits in with the lyrics well. Often the dancers pick up lyrics into their routines. It is something that patrons respond to, because it says the girls are here, and not just pasting it in.

One Galaxy trademark is the silliness of the "boing song," which captures the /b/chan very very light, practically vaporous, of the Galaxy as it is. Don't take us too seriously, the whole set up screams. Clean well lit laid back open space to listen to people sing songs about bitches, whores, and fucking people up. Call it the need for politically incorrect hair hanging. The ability to leer at some ass, shake a bit, run fingers in the naughty corners. But not really the hard core. They don't have an escort wall, they don't have any sex rooms on site. This club is, in fact, one of the cleaner ones both in terms of its language and its visuals. The poles don't get dialed to the hard splits and doubles, there isn't a show going on here, there's a place.

In this the Galaxy is a good deal like Sensual Elements: come, be yourself, let it loose...

They also make no secret of their money fetish. The calls for cash are constant, a big turn around from most clubs which are overtly handing out linden. Bad. Yeah umm. No.

Instead the galaxy is about being fun for everyone, and minimal drama. If you want the dark edge, go elsewhere, but most people just want to feel like the man with the bling for the night, not really. A bit of ho talk before going home, to have sex. With the girl.

The bottom line is, that the Galaxy delivers, where dozens of other clubs have been half way about it. It isn't creative, extraordinary or different. That's where people make mistakes. They think that because what a party club is simple, that it doesn't take attention. Quite the reverse, it requires a lot of attention. The Galaxy staff and management pay attention, and everything works well.

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