Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Toys for Boys

Toys and Boys

I admit I like playing with the sex toys of sl. It's kind of an obsession to find the best this or that. I've got flexi-cum in my inventory, several sex beds, torture toys, whip's, collars. But they are still toys. It's fun to play with them, but it is still play.

What really makes a sex session hot is really something very simple. We all have things we say to ourselves, or think, or visualize all the time. They are like chants that we meditate to through our daily lives. These particular things are branded on the mind's eye or in the minds ear. We see these things over and over again, and we want to see them with someone else, or hear some one else say them. When I tell a man I am his total fuck slut, because that's what he wants to hear, it releases something in him. The chemistry changes.

As a consumer, I don't care for most video porn, precisely because the things it shows, aren't among my obsessions. Because the complementary piece to seeing an obsession lived out, or hearing it sounded out, is seeing what someone is like when they've had their obsession given to them. It's like peeking into what they really want and what they are really like. Does it bring volcanic release? Does it bring more demands?

So I have a suggestion for all you freshly coupled up people out there.

Come here, bring your new SO, to play.

Really, I'm serious. A great deal of rl courtship, from my experience, is trying to draw the other person out, find out their real selves. So find it out here. Have a sex kink that they've talked about? Find out what happens when they get it.

Think about it, SL is really the ultimate sex toy, the ultimate way of adding an edge to things. I know more than once I've worried about what happens if I "do it," what ever that it is.

Now you can know.

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