Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Three Linden Opera: Did You

Bruthea Wanderlust:
Did you write this?
Poly, did you write this?

Every word of it,
though nothing came of it.
Who cares what it is I say?
It's just pixels anyway.

So you haven't heard?
That would be absurd...
You don't know?

What is there to know,
I wrote it a month ago.

Our World just found out,
They are going to scream and shout.
They say it is a crime.

I told them at the time.

What does that matter,
why couldn't you cajole and flatter?
Don't you see they are going to shatter..

every little bit of you,
until you are virtual goo.
They want' you finished,
they want you through.
What are you going to do?

Did you think first?
Did you think of us?
Did you think of our world?

I just wrtoe what I saw,
when was that against the law?

Here we live by nature's law,
red in tooth and red in claw.

It's not the way I live,
I don't take more than I give.
This second life is not for that,
for playing mouse or playing cat.

Oh can't you see,
this place is not fantasy?
The money here is real,
and most especially what we feel.

It's for you I care,
the rest is air.

Well I am not there,
I don't want to feel his crush.
I feel by death brushed.
You're safest off to sluicide,
or profusely apologize,
he'll find your rl and that will be that,
he'll knock your life completely flat.

(At the same time)
I wish, I knew
just what, to do,
could this, be true?
I don't seem through,
but living in a rush....
for adrenaline I'm a lush
I've never felt so high,
I never flet that I could fly.
Before I could only fail and try,
without this I will die.

(Enter Prokofiev Never)

Poly did you write this?
Did you mean to write this?

Every world of it.

Well it's completely shit.
How did you dare to defame,
the best club in this game.

I wrote what I heard and saw,
since when is that against the law.
Every 15 second blaring through my speakers

(In the background, the chorous)
"Welcome to Our World."

I couldn't stand the repetition,
or the silly competition.
So that is what I wrote.
I even sent them a note.

It's just trash you pixel whore,
don't you know that this means war.
You shouldn't play here any more.
That's what this is about.

No need to scream and shout.

We're going to push you out.

Of that we will see,
Right now I'm not believing

I'm telling you I'm leaving.

How did this come to have meaning.

Poly did you write this?
How could you ever write this?

(In the back ground)
You'll learn what it means to write this,
causing pain is such a bliss,
soon they will be writing your obit,
and every griefer will know to orbit,
you on sight,
you won't last
the night.

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