Thursday, February 21, 2008

The morning after the worst sex

I knew writing ogy room piec would be nasty. It is, indeed, the worst thing I hav done on Second Life, because I'm not being compensated... other than the pennies that advertising brings in on this site. So why did I do it? I think this morning's blid IM from Syd Mathy he of "I want an anonymous fuckhole" sums it up for me.

"I like to do things with pussies, mouths and assholes."

I had not friended him, he took it on himself... after the article was posted, which says he doesn't bother to read profiles or blogs... this was out of the blue. What it says i that not only do men regard orgy rooms as places where the ToS does not apply, but once they have seen a woman in one of them, she is fair game even if he is someplace else and she is standing in her ballroom working on designing an avatar.

My contention is that orgy rooms teach a contempt for women, and this kind of clinging stench is the proof of it. I also got someone who joined the Second Sex group and said "you feeling horny?"

There are, I am sure, thousands of AR filings a day. Most are probably too hard ot adjudicate. Which means that prevention and culture become more important, and signals become more important.

I'm going to write up my color coding proposal as a JIRA, I think having a clear indicator of what kinds of approaches are acceptable to an avatar will save a great deal of hurt and pain.

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