Monday, February 25, 2008

Second Life needs to be on the AIR

This is the kind of technology we need for second life... I'm not enough enough of a techie to say that this particular cloud is the one we need, in fact that it is a closed proprietary this that and a dozen other things means I would say that something else is better. But this kind of merging of data here data there is what would make it easier to see vr as the replacement for the desktop metaphor.

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  1. Well from someone whose day job is in IT, I'd say this has been done before... Many many times, and few people ever get it 'right'.

    The first one to get it 'right' will reap the rewards this has promised since 1995 or so when the idea was first brought up.

    Sadly 3D is often the biggest stumbling block as even SL has proved . But projects such as AjaxLife do offer SL almost anywhere.