Wednesday, February 13, 2008

llObjectDesc now TRUNCATES TO ZERO on saving to inventory

Way to go Lindens... break the feature entirely. What's the field useful for now? Wasting space on the database? It's useless.


  1. I can't duplicate this. I am using the Windlight viewer. Is it viewer-specific? Any repro steps?

  2. Attach object
    Edit Description

    does it every time on the 1.19 H4 beta

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  4. I can reproduce this on 1.18.5 (3). However, I don't think that we can say that the description field is always truncated when saving to inventory:

    - Create a default plywood box
    - Edit its description
    - Take into inventory
    - Check properties or re-rez inworld; the description is there

    What i have found is that, on attach, the description is not truncated but reset to the previous value. For example:

    - Attach object with non-empty description
    - Edit description
    - Detach

    Check now the description. It is not empty, but displays the value it had before you attached it.

    "So fucked up and so beautiful."