Thursday, February 28, 2008

Three Linden Opera:Price to Pay

I came to ask...

... for a favor?
Then you have to show yours.
From the highest skybox,
to the ocean floors,
there's always a way,
if you know the price to pay.

Let us talk, we have some things to say,
so open your mouth, and get close.
Talk to the legs, slut.
Talk to the third leg and nothing but.

Bend over just so,
I'll smack your hips until they glow.
DO you have voice?
I want to hear it if I have a choice?
What about cam?
It's always more glam
if I can see your clit
while we are in the thick of it.

Twist it,

Bruthea's Clit: (Spoken)
Bruthea cries out in pain as her clit is twisted.

Have you been fucked?
Have you been fisted?
It needs to be longer than an inch.

Bruthea's Clit: (Spoken)
Bruthea shivers as her clit is pinched.

Oh that feels so nice,
Why do it once, when I can do it twice?
What can I say, it's the price you'll pay?

Is this what we want to do?

Oh yes, this is a fuck, from me to you.
And you'll beg for mercy when I am through.
You think this is a night,
or just a tweak?
You want to buy a favor,
I want your body for a week.
I'll feed you to the newbies,
make you come to all the orgies.
And then, only then, will I ask what

What can I say, what can I say?
If you want something here,
there's always a price to pay.
And now I've told you,
or you can go away.

(Pushes Bruthea to the floor and anally rapes her.)

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