Friday, February 1, 2008

FISA Votes Set

The following Amendments to the Protect America Act will be by majority vote:

Striking Title II: No Retromunity
Sequestration: Prohibits use in Court of illegally gathered evidence except in a few cases.
Bulk Collection: Limits the ability of the government to request or be giving extremely braod warrants with out identifying the foreign interests being targetted.
Reverse Targeting: Require a warrant when targetting US citizens. Amendment to this could also require a warrant on a foreign citizen if the "significant purpose" is a US National.

The following will require 60

Sunset of the new PAA

Majority Leader Reid has promised the most favorable procedural terrain for attempts to strip retromunity, however, the opponents of Title II will still have to have the votes.

The telecom companies, realizing that both Retromunity and ending net neutrality hinge on Democratic votes, has shifted their donations from heavily Republican to heavily Democratic.

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