Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lillie Cleans Her Closet (Part One of way too many)

I have over 200 outfits. Some need refreshing, and others need to be rotated out. The task I have is to take my * Outfits folder, and make sub-folders, so I don't get into a rut about what I wear, always picking the comfortable things rather than the many things which I like, but just don't quite leap to mind.

The first step has been to sort out the kimono/kimono influenced outfits. I have 23, from freebies such as Tuli's goth kimi, to B@R's Thorn of beauty and sweetaholic's 12 piece affairs. One of my first really good outfits was a blue kimono and ribbon set that I put together wandering around the Japanese speaking parts of SL.

Since the fashion blogs tend to talk about what is new and coming out, I think there is a bias towards the new, and not to what has maintained its wearability. Many outfits that I have purchased still work a year later. Other things need updating, and some are closet or donation bound.

Some of my favorites in the 23 I have.

B@R Thorn of Beauty: Simply the most opulent kimono on SL. June Dion's masterpiece. St. June has blessed us many times, but this is the cathedral of her cult.
B@R Miku 12th century influenced red garb pictured here. Works well in a variety of situations. I've pole danced in it, gone to receptions for business and informal hang out parties.
Cherry Tokyo black, ivory, red - a string of very 19th century styled affairs with shiny fabric, richly primed ruffs and stunning details. At 500L each they are among the best bargains in highly formal kimonos.
Sweetaholic:Kiku and Kokuren. Riot of modernist influenced texture and color with more understated lines than Cherry Tokyo. Why don't I see more of her work in fashion blogs and other outlets?
Red Maple: favorite hidden freebie: Go to Abranimations and friends. Where it shows the geisha dance there is a large sign. It says "fans" but it comes with a simple black and autumn maple leave dress that is half way between kimono and cheosong.
Ageha Blue Kimono: A Second Life Classic, which still works even though it is pre-sculptie. While not as well known as Cherry, June or Sweetaholic, these are very authentically styled works. Unfortunately it seems not to be for sale any place right now...
Sheofthesoursnailsucker's - Dolphin blue, I have three others by her for casual kimono looks.


  1. I adore the first photo. Radiant.

  2. I don't have a link to her shop right now, but I find Mare Vollmar's kimono's some of the best I've seen...

    Pictures of her designs can be seen at:

  3. I will have a look, thank you shadow!

  4. Oh found the SLURL:

  5. Neat! Thanks! I will check by there later...

  6. may be cleaning up your inventory, but by posting such beautiful outfits, I fear you shall increase mine. *muah*